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Green plants say fall is here - kewly

About Green plants say fall is here

Previous Entry Green plants say fall is here Oct. 14th, 2004 @ 01:59 am Next Entry

I had a dream in which one of my plants came to me and said: "I think you ought to bring us back to your warm comfortable living room"... Almost done now. Only some flowers are still outside, but those are strong warriors :p
This means we are going to have the worst season soon. I'm not very happy with that, now I either have to leave the continent and spend some time in the southern hemisphere or bear with it. I decided to hang fire a little.

Other news from cloudy Luxembourg:
Richard's going to leave Luxembourg next week to the Hague, so I have to ask him politely to come to the meal party I'm going to organize on Friday. I hope some eoliens will be present too!

I hope anatsuno is doing fine. It's quite weird, when she was here, I always had the opportunity to visit her, which I did not; but since she left, everyday I have some thoughts about her. At least I can read her journal :)

Mr spock is back from India, Germany, Netherlands and France. So now we are three roommates again in this flat.

At least, I repaired my gallery and transferred my Brittany's photos, perhaps I should also upload them :)

I haven't watched news for a while, so I just switched TV on: "There's a legal challenge going on about spyware right now in Washington" and "Heat in Australia!", w00h00! good news this time! so I'm going to switch it off right now :p

Once again, I'm doing 3 things at a time, so as usual you might read senseless sentences :)
Current Mood: amusedamused
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