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Previous Entry RMS Sep. 28th, 2004 @ 03:22 am Next Entry
Today, I've been to a conference in Luxembourg, with Richard Stallman about software patents: danger or opportunity.

Like usually, he had those so great examples/facts that happened. He explained how those patents would create more troubles than creativity, and what those big companies, which have already patented so many things that are common use, could use for doing aggressive (killing) competition.

Now they are just attempting to steal innovation by putting pressure on new creators with their army of lawyers and IMHO this is now the core of their business, with the help of their obscure patents that no one understands.

The other guy (Pierre Kihn), who was for patents, didn't know anything about software, and his show was one or two sentences added on a powerpoint presentation. Anyway, you need a lot of courage if you want to debate with/against Richard.

The conference's duration was supposed to be one hour, 30 minutes each, but Richard had so many things to say that he spent 90 instead. Too bad he didn't sing the FSF song :)

Also, I met some old colleagues and the crew from the local linux user group.
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