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heh Sep. 24th, 2004 @ 11:24 pm
I was walking to the post office today, while it was raining cats and dogs.

I had "Pinky and the Brain" lyrics in my head. I couldn't resist... I had to sing it in the street :)
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Sep. 24th, 2004 @ 01:46 am
Wednesday, September 15th.
Thanks to anatsuno for dropping me in Strasbourg. My mother found me at the railroad station in the early evening. Nothing was planned at that time. Finally, we bought 2 train tickets to Brest from Strasbourg and decided to rent a car in Brest, for Sep 17-20.

Thursday, September 16th.
Went to bed at 4:00 AM, and got up at 6:30AM! Caught a bus, then a train to Paris, we left this train at exactly midday! My mother wanted to visit some friends of her, so we visited them, before catching another train to Brest at 5:00PM, which arrived at about 9:30PM.

We arrived, just looked for a hotel for the first night, just got a room in Abalys Hotel (2*). Walked around downtown, and took the first pictures, and found a wireless network on the room's balcony :P Unfortunately, it's midnight, and I am getting a bit tired and cold with this wind :)

Friday, September 17th.
Visit started, we got the car! I let my mother drive to Crozon, we stopped in the camping Trez Rouz, which owners are really friendly. They even learned german, because they have a lot of german customers. Germans are really keen on natural sites :) We walked around, with no map, but found ourselves in a military base, fortunately it was small, and continued to walk along the ocean's coast.

We hiked to a place called "Cap de la Chevre"

We moved to a place named "Le Conquet", found a camping there. We visited the town, and had a feet swim because the water was too cold :) We visited St-Mathieu's lighthouse for sunset, but a nasty cloud decided to appear at the right time.

We left back to Brest, returned the car to the rental company, and caught a train to Gingamp, where my cousin lives. I did not see her for about 2 years! I was pleased and excited to see her :) She bought a house with dependencies in Brittany's outback :P

Went to the market place, and bought some biological vegetables, then we had yet another hike.

Hiking again :) Noticed night outside at ~8:30PM

Took the train back to Paris with my mother, had lunch there, then, she left to Strasbourg, while I was going back to Luxembourg. At ~7:30PM, night was here (1 hour difference!). The stupid train stopped for about one hour for some reason.

Now, fall is here :( I'm going to a job interview in some hours, hope it will be interesting, at least the offer is :)

Thanks google! Sep. 13th, 2004 @ 03:03 am
I wanted to figure out what's wrong with my gallery, so I decided to look for the error message on google:

gallery "Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: File exists in"

The result, and only one, is the error shown on my web-page :>

Thank you google (:
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Current Music: Debussy - Clair De Lune

Capitalism... Sep. 12th, 2004 @ 01:29 am
Maybe I’m the last one informed in this world, but I was reading a magazine in the train yesterday, and I am shocked by a company’s attitude! This article was about USA and environment.

In Cheshire, Ohio, there were pollution problems due to a coal power plant which, residents said, caused burning eyes, headaches, sore throats and other diseases.

In August 2000 the Environmental Protection Agency declared the plant in violation of the Clean Air Act with other studies showing damaging problems occurring in the air. Soon after this study. By Spring of 2002, things had progressed to the point of possible lawsuits. The company made the offer to buyout the village at this time.

The agreement has residents giving up their rights to sue the company later on, over personal and property damage they claim they sustained from the emissions.

This is the best example I’ve seen that shows how big companies do what they want and don’t give a f* about the rest.
Current Mood: gloomygloomy

I found this in my street Sep. 9th, 2004 @ 04:38 am
Yes, this is the mysql car :>
photo :p
Current Mood: amusedamused
Other entries
» Nice week!
Since last Friday I travelled a bit.
Caught a train to Paris on Friday afternoon, I was alone in a train compartment :)
There, I met some friends, and we caught together a night train to Bourg-Saint-Maurice... AWFUL! It's so small, I couldn't move at all, I don't even remember if I slept, but at least, we were there on Saturday morning.

We started to organize the hike, and did it (walked from 2200 meters to 800 meters high, yeah, we used a funicular to go up), we slept in a strange place on a skying station, it's wasn't the best idyllic place to be, but we could see the Mount Blanc and a nice full moon rise!

I was a bit disappointed when I saw how human beings destroyed some parts of the mountains in order to setup winter resorts!

On sunday, we walked down to the village, and a so appreciable shower and setup our tents in a public camping.

On monday, very early morning, my friends left to Paris, so I decided to continue my trip in the south direction. I caught a train to Chambery, then to Valence, and to Montpellier. Belou welcomed me there. He introducted me to his brother for a second time (unfortunately he was studying for an exam so wasn't that available) and to his mother (thanks to her and belou for accomodation and availability!)

We visited Montpellier, had dinner with some local people. Friendly visit :>

On the next day we left (too late) to hike in the Pic St-Loup (658 meters high), we stopped on the way, for 2 reasons: wind and night, and setup a tent. The next day we finished the hike and went back to Montpellier.

On Thursday, I left from his place in the late morning. I bought a train ticket to Luxembourg (7.20 EUR), thanks to my Euro Domino train pass ticket. I had some time, so I did some shopping... Yeah! I found a fisheye for my camera :>

The first train to Lyon was very busy, I had about about an hours transfer time in Lyon, so I could eat an Haggen Dazs (don't remember the spelling and I'm too lazy to check out) ice cream, with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Next train was very long on its way to Metz, I was alone in the train's coach at the end of the trip. I was a bit scared about this train, and the next one... each time I took it in the past, I had transfer troubles due to train delays, which caused me to arrive on the next morning. But it was fine, as I left this train, the train from Paris to Luxembourg just arrived in the station, so I could catch it. I arrived at home at 23:45, noticed hundreds of spams, and connected on IRC :)

PS: I took about 800 MB of pictures!
PPS: sorry if some sentences did not make sense, I did not think about what I was typing, and again, I'm too lazy to read it now :p
» poor kitty
I feel worries.

Pepere is not doing fine :O

He's not eating much, sleeping all the time, and even worse, he lost some weight...
*crossing his fingers*
» yippee
I was cycling back from Belgium and f* you nasty thunderstorm! You did not get me! :p
» Old stupid company requests :>
I found by accident an old e-mail thread. Someone mailed our customer support with this request:
Dear sirI have noticed that you have a domain name in your network called "satanas.europeonline.net" I think that the name is in the mail server system. Sorry for the inconvenience but the name "satanas" is the devil in Greek language and it's a problem for a user to see that a mail came in his PC from satanas.europeonline.netBest Regards (NAME HIDDEN)

This has been escalated through all departments inside the company:
Manager: can someone let me know if this is true?
IT guy: Well, there's certainly a machine on our network called satanas.europeonline.net
Other IT guy: May be can we change the dns entry for tojesuslovesyou.europeonline.net ?:-)
IT Manager: This is the type of things that keeps coming into work each day with a smile.
CTO: Phil, come talk to me...

After some time, we installed diabolo, which replaced satanas :)
» (No Subject)
The chief of United States naval operations has released the following transcript of a radio conversation between a US Navy ship and Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland.

US ship: Please divert your course 0.5 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.

Canadian reply: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.

US ship: This is the captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert your course.

Canadians: No. I say again, you divert your course.

US ship: This is the aircraft carrier USS Missouri; we are a large warship of the US Navy. Divert your course now!!

Canadians: This is a lighthouse. Your call.
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